The Last Mission Remake


The Last Mission is a side-view arcade game without scrolling (viewpoint moves from screen to screen) with map of big dimensions. The game takes its inspiration from games such as Underwurlde and Starquake.

You control a tank-like robot which can be divided in two: you rotate caterpillar and head-cannon, and the head part can fly off on its own. However, the head can only survive separately for a short amount of time, and your restart position is dictated by the location of the body, even if the head has moved forward through further screens. Therefore, the difficulty of the game was in making it possible to advance with the assembled robot's two parts.

Pedro Ruiz - the creator of original 'The Last Mission' game and OperaSoft founder

Dmitry Smagin - main coding
Alexey Pavlov - additional coding and gfx, porting to iOS devices
Mark Braga - music and sfx

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Description 0.8
pre-compiled binary for Windows 95 or later
last-mission-0.8-src.tar.gz 0.8
source code (multiplatform) licensed under GPLv2
last-mission-linux-0.8.tar.gz 0.8
pre-compiled binary for Linux (tested on Ubuntu 14.04)
last-mission.opk 0.8
binary opk package for GCW-Zero handheld running OpenDingux

Git repository
Use sourceforge git or github mirror to access most recent source code.

Old versions
Description 0.1
The very first working demo written in Sphinx C--. You can fly around the rooms and watch enemies who do no harm and actually don't move. Two pre-compiled binaries for DOS and Windows are available. Full sources included as well. 0.4
Fully working game re-written in Freebasic (Windows only).  Sound effects are very poor, but the title music is there (adlib emulated). Source code included. 0.5
Now re-written in C and multiplatform again: Linux, Windows (GDI and SDL), DOS and Dingoo a320 (ľOS). Source code included. 0.6
Full graphics recoloring and new title music (original remixed theme). Binaries for Linux, Windows, DOS,  Dingoo a320 (ľOS) and Dingux. Sources included.